Consulting / Virtual Assistant

Type of work provided:

  • Project and People Management
  • Research
  • Proofing/Edits
  • Data Entry
  • Document Creation (ie. e-booklet creation, lead magnet documents, forms & infographics)
  • Image Creation/Edit
  • Presentations


“Michelle is extremely organized, reliable, dedicated and she always has my back.  She is very in tune with my business, paying great attention to detail and she always has my best interests in mind.” Tammy Trayer ~

“As a website owner and author, I know the benefits and necessity of having someone on your team to carry out the many tasks involved in success. I have worked with Michelle for 2 years and can recommend her without reservation. You’ll find her personable, professional, productive, and organized beyond your expectations. If you’re looking for someone to help you succeed, you’ve found the best.” Rhonda Crank ~ The Farmer’s Lamp

“Before hiring Michelle I was frustrated with not having enough time to get everything done but I’d hired out VA’s in the past who required constant prodding and I had to go back and fix their work, causing me money and time loss. Michelle is very professional, she completes her projects on time, communicates effectively and even reminds me of things I’ve forgotten. I never have to “fix” her work and she operates with integrity. She’s helped lighten the load and her insights to future projects have made her an invaluable part of my team.” Melissa K. Norris ~

“Michelle is a person you can trust! If you are a small business owner, you know how hard it is to come by someone like that. English is not my first language, but with the help of Michelle, I am still able to run a successful blog. She proofreads and edits everything I write, making sure I publish articles free of spelling mistakes. If gives me the confidence to share my farming journey online. I also love that we have great communication. She makes sure we are on the same page, records everything, and lets me know if she is out of town or is unable to get back to me right away for some reason. For a person who makes an income online, or would like to make an income online, those are invaluable qualities that are hard to come by.” Lee Traister